Touchwood Homes

Why is the structural design so important?

We currently waste a huge amount of energy in the home through poor structural design. The energy demands of heating a new home is seldom given the design priority deserved, meaning that the majority of “new-builds” are thermally inefficient and expensive to run homes. With increasing fuel costs, and concerns over climate change converging, it is time for building design to change.

Areas of Heat loss

There are three main routes via which heat is lost from the average traditionally built home, which Touchwood Homes recognise must be minimised:

  • Poor insulation: there is no point having the heat you pay for conducting straight through the building fabric to heat the sky.
  • Draughts: controlling ventilation in the home is vital. Having hot air escaping through draughts in the building fabric, windows and doors looses an enormous amount of heat.
  • Cold bridging: Having structural elements passing through the thermal envelope provides a path for heat to be transmitted to outside. Our I beams only have an 8mm web which passes through the external walls, spaced at 400mm, so over the wall area there is minimal cold bridging.

Touchwood Homes are built differently, we design and pre-cut super-efficient structural frames, which our own dedicated build team diligently erect to ensure that they meet the Passivhaus criteria.