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What would be the running costs of a new home built to the passivhaus standard?

Building a new home using our structure incorporating minimal cold bridging, completely air-tight envelope and densely packed insulation means there will potentially be a 90% reduction in heat demand over a conventional house (the passivhaus standard).

Running costs consist of heating, hot water and electricity. Heating and hot water are usually provided by the same means, a figure for both combined on homes we have already built come in at around £300 / year. In fact many home owners elect for a log stove with back boiler, with logs supplied from their own land, so have near zero heating and hot water costs. Even if heating was provided by electricity (the worst cost wise choice) since so little is required, running costs are very low.

Typically though, when building new clients install solar thermal and PV panels on the roof combined with a large thermal store and supplementary heat provided by a log/pellet stove. This way, hot water costs are near zero, for 6-7 months of the year being provided by the sun, and the PV panels provide free electricity and a payment to export power to the grid.

If you don’t want to be a victim of rising energy costs, then this is the way out of it!