Touchwood Homes

What are the advantages of using timber frame for my new home?

A Touchwood Homes timber frame house is built to be super energy efficient, and so saves money on running costs. The timber structure is designed to be filled with Warmcel insulation, which is a very good insulator. Our pre-cut timber frame (as opposed to a panelised construction) means the timber frame comes in one lorry, with no need for a crane on site to erect.

The frame is remarkably quick to erect, usually it will only take a couple of weeks, depending on the size of the building. Our timber frames have 300mm thick walls (which is far greater than current building regulation requirements) which all in all makes for a super-insulated structure with low running costs. Our pre-cut system also means we can build to any design because we are not restricted to breaking the design down into panels just to ensure that they are transportable on a lorry.