What are the advantages living in a Touchwood Homes air-tight construction

For passivhaus homes the heating demand is so low that a conventional heating system isn’t needed, so saving substantial build and running costs. The minimal heating required can be delivered by a small heater in the MVHR system.

  • The essential airtight layer is provided by a 15mm thick board fixed to the entire external surface of the frame resulting in a very robust solution that offers less opportunity for mishap / accidental damage by follow on trades*.
  • The home maintains a stable internal air temperature due to the high density insulation (typically 6-8 tonnes of insulation per house).
  • The foundation slab is inside the thermal envelope so contributes to the total thermal mass
  • Excellent air quality from MVHR unit that supplies the house with constant filtered fresh air.
  • There are no cold draughts inside the home due to air-tight construction
  • A very quiet, calm internal space from super dense cellulose insulation and triple glazed windows.


*In a conventional build, this would merely consist of a membrane stuck to the face of the frame by means of adhesive tape.