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Weymouth Passivhaus

Our Weymouth passivhaus project was completed 2016, with the client living in the house over the winter prior to having the heating connected. Incredibly the house has maintained 20 degrees on average during the winter, with the temperature outside going as low as -5 at night, without the heating connected. This shows the incredible energy / cost savings when building to the passivhaus standard with a Touchwood timber frame. As well as the masses of high density Warmcel insulation and airtight construction, cold bridging was also designed out of the foundations and the frame.

The home features a Touchwood designed and installed Paul MVHR system, with all duct routes pre-cut in the frame allowing rigid steel duct work to be used. MVHR is a vital component to an air tight house, and our system allows seamless integration of the duct work in the frame due to our completely transparent, bespoke design process where the entire frame is visible on the 3D sketchup model.

Touchwood Paul MVHR machine  MVHR duct routes pre-cut in frame
Polished concrete floor
Gable end glazing out to sea view

The home has a high quality finish, with a polished concrete floor throughout the ground floor – acting as a heat sink when the low winter sun hits it, releasing that heat at night. Features such as this create a very comfortable home, with a steady internal temperature.

Weymouth Passivhaus
Sarah Small Architects