Touchwood Homes

Traditional Oak Home

For this project in Berkshire, the requirement was for a super insulated low energy frame with a traditional look, so it was decided that the build would be that of brick skin on the exterior, and exposed Oak beam features throughout the interior.

Incorporating Oak features within our frame is no problem, the structure is still created from our I beams so that it offers minimal cold bridging and excellent thermal performance, but we include Oak elements on the warm side of the wall to create the required look.

With our air tight barrier being the external skin, there is then none of the complexity that would occur if the air tight barrier was on the inside face.

See images for visualisations of how the finished Oak will look and photos of the finished house. It is important for us to provide traditional style homes that perform very well thermally since some clients prefer that style, but also want the energy performance of an ‘ecohome’. 

This approach has huge build and running cost savings compared an Oak frame structure, whilst maintaining that style.

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