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The Orchard

The Orchard is our new build project in Clapham, London which fits into a narrow strip of land between the client’s (Will’s) previous self-build house, Tree House, and a garage. Tree House is a pioneering zero-carbon home, with super insulation and air tightness which adds an exciting modern build to the predominately Victorian street. Due to the low energy ethos behind the build, the running costs are extremely low.

For The Orchard project, Will wished to be more hands on, managing the build himself and doing some on site work. This desire fitted well with our pre-cut frame package – once he had completed the foundations we could arrive with our frame and build this over a 4 week period creating a super airtight shell ready for his follow on trades to work on. Will has kept an interesting blog of his complete build which is ongoing, so is of great interest to people embarking on a self-build.

The Touchwood component to the build is now complete and is covered in Blog entries 31-39: To go to page 31 of the blog, please click here

The current stage of the build can be viewed here on Will’s blog:

We look forward to the home being complete and attending the house warming!

Architect: Peter Smithdale of Constructive Individuals

Windows / doors by: Green Building Store (Ecocontract)

Air tight Frame design supply and erection: Touchwood Homes

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