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Strawbale House

On a hillside in West Scotland a revolutionary build is taking place – our client Robert Dunn and his wife Justine are erecting a beautiful curved wall house which when completed will be amazingly warm and, similar to all Touchwood Homes, very economical with regard to heating demand.

Contrary to our preferred use of cellulose fibre insulation this has straw bales which are used without any cutting or restringing (a common procedure when using straw bales). The design is set out to fit a standard bale which Robert procured some while ago. 

The gable walls are being built using blocks with lots of insulation fully glazed to take advantage of the amazing views over Loch Sunart. Over the straw bales lime render will be applied to create a fully breathing wall, then clad with cambered clay tiles. The lower walls will be clad with local timber cladding.

It will be a two bedroom holiday home with the bedrooms on the ground floor and the first floor completely open plan with the kitchen at the North end and the living area overlooking the loch to the South where there will be a balcony with its own circular staircase to the ground level.

The curved walls give the house a cosy, protective ambience to the space and even when there is snow outside and a gale blowing the house will be quiet and pleasantly  warm.

Hot water will be supplied by a wood chip biomass boiler complementing the low carbon nature of the houses and the straw will be a long term carbon sink storing carbon for the lifetime of the building.

We can also supply a cellulose fibre insulated version  which makes for a far less labour intensive and quicker build as the insulation is blown in by specialist contractors and is also  carbon sink as it is made from re-cycled paper.

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