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Street Scene Concept Sketch

Modern ‘box’ style home in rural Essex

Street Scene Concept Sketch
The Touchwood Homes team have now this latest exciting new build project: constructing a modern ‘box’ style home on a plot of land previously occupied by a poorly performing 1950’s bungalow.

The main features of this design are the large over-hanging first floor and glazed areas to the rear of the building. These presented us with several structural engineering challenges to solve, not least how we were to balance the aesthetic appearance of the architecture with a robust build that would be able to stand up to potential high winds, and the possibility of more extreme weather conditions that global warming is offering.

We’ve overcome these challenges by using a section of steel post and beams within the ground floor ceiling, clad inside our thermal envelope system to prevent cold-bridging, which will support our timber framework.

The steel-work contractors have been on-site working on the erection of the ground floor wall structure, and are due to finish this stage of the build by the end of the week, so we’re now able to move in and push this project forward with our timber frame work installation, to build completion.

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