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Maldon, Essex


Our Touchwood Homes team finished work on this two storey home in Maldon near the Essex coast in February 2019.  This stunning new home has a distinctive modern style and will be a fabulous addition to the street scene in which it is set, but with substantially lower running costs than the neighbouring houses because it been structurally engineered to meet the passivhaus standard. 

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The on-street site it is situated on was previously occupied by a poorly constructed bungalow which suffered badly from the effects of damp, and so was a cold and uncomfortable home to live in. Our clients decided that they would demolish the old bungalow and build a new energy efficient passivhaus home in its place.

On inspecting the site, it made practical and economic sense to build the new home directly on the existing strip foundation of the demolished bungalow. This is is an unusual move, but with the addition of specialist passivhaus detailing to surface layer to prevent cold bridging and dampness in the new build, this would considerably cut build costs and reduce the environmental impact of creating new concrete foundation strips.

Once the build is complete, our customer intends to install substantial PV over the large roof space, which will bring the home’s energy efficiency up further to meet the new Passivhaus + standard, a highly prestigious certification which is only given to homes that are proven to create as much energy as it uses throughout an annual period.

If we’re serious about climate change, all new homes need to be built to this standard to avoid creating unnecessary CO2 emissions from the heating of our  homes.

Our timber-frame is now nearly complete, so we’re now aiming to install the roof membrane before a much deserved holiday season!

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