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Low Cost Passivhaus Home

Having built many unique, bespoke passivhaus homes, we feel the market needs a low cost passivhaus design that is easy to replicate and so can quickly provide super-efficient homes with extremely low running costs for families to enjoy. To this end we have created an initial conceptual design for a 2 bedroom home with attractive curved roof which creates a soft looking building, complementary to typical domestic landscapes.

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This home will enjoy all the comforts of passivhaus design: a quiet, calm internal environment with clean, fresh and warm air gently circulating through all the rooms. There is no risk of condensation as all the wall surfaces are warm. Steamy bathrooms would be a thing of the past!

 In the summer, when it is hot outside the indoor temperature remains ambient as the dense insulation built in to the walls, roof and floor of the home prevents fluctuations caused when external heat ‘leaks’ into the building.

1285WN Pats Pod SU Model CLADDING OPTIONS 07 08 18

Our brand new concept home will be pre-cut at our manufacturing site, with every component made to be “handle-able”, that is, nothing made will require heavy lifting equipment to manouver, and all parts will be delivered to the build site ready for construction. All parts will be individually numbered and depicted in detailed assembly drawings, along with our ‘Sketch Up’ model to make assembly instructions clear and easy to follow.

We are confident that the frame erection process should take around two weeks in total, whether it be by our experienced team or your own selected team of constructors, to create an airtight home to passivhaus levels.

The internal layout of our concept home is designed as a two bedroom family single story home, with a bedroom at each end and the busier areas – the kitchen, lounge and bathroom – arranged around the middle section. Of course it is easy to alter these to your own layout requirements if you have a set layout in mind or would prefer a more open plan design.

1285WN Pats Pod SU Model CLADDING OPTIONS 07 08 18layout

Everything about this concept home is designed to be simple to install, which is what makes it so incredibly cost efficient to build, as well as live in. The central kitchen and bathroom areas mean less complex plumbing and electrical first fix works. The over-riding principle we have for this concept home is that it will be a comfortable family dwelling with virtually zero running costs, and so certifiable for Passivhaus accreditation!

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