Touchwood Homes


Summer 2017 saw us working on this large ranch style home near the scenic Findhorn harbour on the North Sea in Scotland.

Our timber-frame super insulated build system incorporating the Touchwood Homes external air-tight layer construction is the perfect solution to maintaining a comfortable indoor living environment despite harsh Scottish winter weather conditions with minimal energy requirements.

The structure created from 300mm thick I beams allows for a very fast build time and a thick cavity for insulation. This cavity is then then pumped solid with cellulose fibre insulation on site to create a very dense, well insulated building with minimal heat loss occurring through the thermal envelope. Constructing from I beams (rather than solid timber) also results in minimal cold bridging through the wall (since there is minimal solid material crossing the thermal envelope), which coupled with the insulation and airtightness results in a frame that will meet the demands of strong northern winter climate

These I beams are then externally sheathed with an air tight, solid TG fibre board over the entire structure, to provide a completely robust, long term air tight solution – much more robust than the traditional use of sticky tapes and membrane!

The image at the top of the page shows the architect’s design of the finished building, we look forward to returning to site to see the finished building next year when we’ll be putting up another home in the area.