Touchwood Homes

How much money will I get for the PV FiT and RHI scheme?

The FiT subsidy was reduced substantially by the current government, but is still a good investment with a ROI (return on investment) of approximately 7% (May 2016), so better than leaving money in the bank! For more information we like the SunStation website (, these panels are ideal for new build since they do two jobs in one – making electricity AND being the rainscreen for the house. This makes the installation cost substantially less, since there is no need to install slates/tiles/weather trays under the panels, saving approx. £1,800 on slates, effectively reducing the cost of the PV install by a similar amount.


Large scale PV panels are an excellent investment for the future – with worldwide efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, making your own power from PV is going to become the primary source of home energy. Many clients are now putting 10kW+ size systems on their Touchwood Homes, setting them up for future charging of electric cars, and substantial exports.

The RHI is still available (as at June 2016) giving usually 7 years of subsidy for:

  • Biomass heating (wood pellets)
  • Solar Thermal
  • Heat Pumps

Log stoves are not eligible unfortunately (log gasification boilers are though), but in some ways they don’t need a subsidy since if you are lucky enough to source your own fuel they have zero running costs. 

Please see Ofgem website for full information: