Touchwood Homes

Hopground Cottage

Hopground Cottage is located in a small Hertfordshire village so the planning department required the styling to fit in with the local vernacular.

This was achieved along with constructing an air-tight very well insulated modern building. The house features 250mm thick walls insulated with cellulose fibre insulation, house wrap for an air-tight build, heat recovery ventilation, rainwater harvesting and solar hot water heating. Our client explained that the solar panel has provided all the hot water needs for her own use over the summer periods – an impressive saving over conventional fossil fuel powered hot water heating systems. The 5000L rainwater harvesting tank provides most of her water needs – the previous 6 months water bill was only £4.03 for water used (plus £13.50 standing charge) clearly demonstrating the effectiveness of rainwater harvesting systems.

Hot water supplied by: solar panel plus immersion heater in winter
Heating supplied by: log stove + HRV
Running Costs: unavailable
Carbon emissions saving cf gas: 90%

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