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Home Office Pod v3

The Touchwood Homes team have recently been building a demonstration home office building, the Pod v3, which we would like to offer as a turnkey building enterprise, that we would come and erect on your land or garden space for you to use and enjoy.

Just as per our home builds, this build design is constructed from Touchwood I beam walls filled to maximum density with Warmcel insulation material, with an airtight external racking board over the entire external surface, which creates a draft free, warm and comfortable environment that is usable throughout the year.

The superior quality insulation of our home office builds, unlike other similar products available, ensures that your internal space will remain fresh and tranquil in the warmer months, and retain warmth and coziness through the cooler parts of the year, so you can rely on it being usable for whatever purpose you have in mind.

Our Pod v3 model has been designed to resemble an old goods railway carriage in both shape and colour so that aesthetically, it fits into any rural location with ease. In the past, we have had clients request that we convert original derelict carriages in to sheds, as has been common practice since the 1950’s, however these are a much more practical and versatile alternative.

old carriage

The external design features a curved roof for an attractive inside space of  5 x 6 meters, which means  in most local planning authorities, it is exempt from building regulations, but please check with yours first.

The interior of our design features the large main open living space with an area for a kitchenette, and bathroom space which contains hot tank, toilet, basin and shower. The building has many potential uses:

    • Home office

    • Airbnb space

    • Yoga room

    • Hobby space / games room

    • “Man cave”

We offer two supply options for your Pod v3:

  1. The Touchwood Homes team can come and erect the main structure, and then carry on to complete a finished interior space,  as per the photos of our demonstration building;
  2. Or, after we have delivered the unit and completed the erection work, if you’d prefer to manage and undertake the finishing works yourself to create a more bespoke internal layout, of course that  too is an option.

For further details of our Pod v3 building or to visit our demonstration unit in Hertfordshire please get in touch

[email protected] / 01279 293066

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