Higher Pytte

Colin and Christine approached Touchwood because they required their new Devon home to have minimal running costs and have the heavy weight feel they experienced when shown some finished Touchwood projects.

The Home is built using our usual 300mm thick I beams walls, which have been pumped solid to a density of 70kg /m3 with cellulose fibre insulation to create an incredibly thick, insulating layer around the entire thermal envelope with no spaces where cold can permeate into the building. This structure coupled with the triple glazed Rationel windows and Touchwood designed, supplied and installed PAUL MVHR system ensures a home with very little running costs.

We have been astonished by the performance of the house ..with cellulose fibre insulation Installed to test densities of 70 and above. Our son who is a commercial building energy assessor used his thermal imaging camera to check the installation and was unable to find even the smallest area which was not filled over the entire house.

Colin, Devon.

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