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Emma and Dan Holmes had been living in a bungalow at a superb location with great sea views for 8 years but always wished for a better house. They then made the decision to demolish the bungalow and build a new low energy house on the site. After gaining planning permission, the bungalow was demolished and Touchwood were awarded the contract to supply the pre-cut timber frame.

Once the frame arrived on site our team were there ready to advise the local builders on how to put the frame up and after two days training the local team were ready to get started. Putting the frame up was successfully achieved within a few weeks, and the Holmes are now very happy living in their new home.

The Holmes’ benefit from having their own woodland where they cut logs for their heating and hot water provision, so it can be claimed the house is virtually carbon and cost free for these – quite an achievement! The only running cost is electricity, which comes in at around 7,000kWh / year a typical amount for this size house.

  • Hot water supplied by: solar panel + log boiler + immersion heater
  • Heating supplied by: log rayburn stove
  • Running costs: heating & hot water free (logs cut by client from own land)
  • Carbon emissions saving cf gas: estimated at 95%
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