Touchwood Homes

Steel Barn Conversion

We recently completed erecting the timber frame for a steel barn conversion to residential to create a large home with 650m2 of internal floor space, We have put the design through the PHPP software which shows it to be on the edge of meeting the passivhaus criteria – impressive for a building which had to fit within the constraints of the existing structure!

Our partners at Advanced Foundation Technology supplied the structural slab for us to build our frame from.

Building and designing within the confines of the existing steel barn has been a very different way of creating a home, creating some unusual cold bridging issues which we have had to develop special methods to overcome.

We are now at the stage of putting on the airtight board to the external surface of the building, so are near to completing our contract, ready for the follow on trades to come in to take household amenities and decor to finish.

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