Touchwood Homes

Current build

It’s Spring 2020 and we’re back in Winchester working on a new build home that will replace a dilapidated bungalow that currently occupies the sloping site.

Post war properties such as this are often ideal for redevelopment, having been originally built cheaply and quickly to low standard as emergency accommodation, with little insulation but often sited on good sized gardens.

The site slopes upwards, away from the road, so to take best advantage of this land layout the new build has been designed as a split level home with steps leading up to the higher part where the bedrooms will be for a cosy elevated area, with the main open plan living space occupying the lower area, with inspiring views along the roadside across the valley.

Once the frame is completed, we’ll be back on site to prepare the frame for a special zinc roof, which will need a vented plywood structure underneath, and the membranes and battens for the walls.

Following that, we will install the MVHR first fix duct work, so that we can then install the passivhaus Zehnder machine at 2nd fix stage.

We look forward to visiting the completed home

Hillcroft passivhaus project in near Winchester