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Chief’s Farm drone video release

We’ve just released our Chief’s farm video, which shows the construction of this passivhaus from the initial bare ground plot to completed timber frame structure.

The advanced drone footage on this 3 minute video shows our process in brilliant clarity, demonstrating how well our system works for self-builders who want to manage their own follow on trades after the complex timber frame airtight structure has been erected.

The Touchwood Homes build system makes follow-on works considerably quicker and easier to carry out because we install a robust external airtight layer in our homes, which means that electricians and plumbers can work more efficiently, and so make quite huge time savings from not needing work around a more delicate internal airtight layer, which is currently a more commonly method of build in the UK (2018).

The robustness of our system also makes the finished build completely impervious to strong winds as it simply cannot blow through the insulation with this external barrier.

Please contact us for your passivhaus timber frame structure!

Click here to visit Chief’s Farm in our portfolio pages

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