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Chesham Curved House

Our retired client couple in Chesham Bois wished to build a new home in their garden as somewhere to downsize to, allowing their daughter and family to move into the main house. The land and house has been in the family for three generations, which they want to maintain so building a new home in the garden for grandparents was a great way to achieve that goal.

The client’s design concept brief to the designer (Radclyffe Associates) for the new home was for a modern design with minimal running costs – masses of insulation, MVHR ventilation, and an airtight structure. After seeing a previous completed building by Touchwood designed by Radclyffe Associates, they were happy to contract us both for the works. Being a narrow site, with a neighbouring house nearby meant the design needed to minimise any risk of overlooking next door’s garden. Cunningly, a design was created with subtly curving external walls, so that the gable ends face slightly inwards thereby shielding the view from overlooking the neighbouring garden.

Designs with curved walls are no problem for our pre-cut system, any design is possible since all timbers are pre-cut, and we can have bespoke curved glulam beams to form intricate curved shapes. The pre-cut method also has huge advantages with MVHR – the holes in joists are all factory pre-cut which means rigid steel ductwork is used, all within the joists zone which will be pumped solid with Warmcel insulation – so no heat loss into the floor cassette, and no sound propagation coming off the ducts.

The timber frame is now (April 2016) near complete, ready for the follow on works to finish the home. We look forward to coming back for MVHR 2nd fix to see the finished building.

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