Touchwood Homes

Autumn 2019 | Winchester project

The Touchwood Homes team are now working in Winchester building a new two storey family home, with an additional office and garage building on site.

The ducting routes for the MVHR system in the house are fully integrated in to the timber frame allowing us to use superior performing rigid steel duct work for ultra quiet performance.

This site offers a particular challenge in that the accessibility is quite tight, meaning that the use of cranes is not possible and there has been limited space available for storage. Our pre-cut system has a massive advantage here since a crane is not required to lift large pre-made panels into position, and there is no need for additional space in which to store the panels.

Instead, our flat packed timber elements all arrives as one delivery package, pre-cut for very quick frame erection time, which is typically 2-3 weeks.

For the foundation on this project we collaborated with our regular foundation partners at Advanced Foundation Technology, whose system incorporates all the necessary concrete element in the foundation warm side of the insulation, so that it contributes to the overall thermal mass. This is in direct contrast to a traditional and typical strip foundation system where  the concrete is cold side of the insulation, offering no thermal mass to the structure at all.

This system also avoids the need for digging out the ground for strip foundations, and so there is a far lesser volume of soil muck-away and subsequent re-filling with concrete, which is highly CO2 intensive.

Our long time relationship here offer us the advantage of a seamless workflow between foundation and frame installations, with simplicity of the airtight detailing being a specialist understanding that we both recognose and share.

The visual aspects of this project will include oak posts, beams and braces to create a warm and attractive aesthetic to the buildings.

Once again, the flexibility of our system being such that the unique design features that you might feel are important to your concept of ‘your dream home’ are easily integrated.  You can most certainly see how versatile our system is by the incredible diversity of the home designs we have in our portfolio!