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A pretty momentous time in UK history

May saw the first ‘Coal Free’ week in the UK since 1882

Wind and solar energy provided the most part of UK’s power demands through May 2019

This past May marks a pretty momentous time in UK  history, for today it was announced that we have managed to not use coal to generate electricity for at least 21 days. The first week of which was the first whole ‘coal free week’ since the industrial revolution in 1882,with renewable energy sources also breaking new records for their increased productivity.

Touchwood Homes have been championing the cause of renewable energies for decades now, since the 1990’s, and all of our homes are designed specifically with energy efficiency as a foremost concern.

The ‘Passivhaus standard’ is the only quantified solution to building low energy homes and is the standard we aspire to meet on every build. Many of our passivhaus homes are already achieving levels of zero fuel emissions, so our homeowners can be rest assured that they are future ready. 

Every detail of our homes, from the wood that the frames are manufactured from, to the transportation of the materials to site; and the positioning of windows and eaves to make use of solar gain; the construction and siting of the foundations etc. is designed to create minimal environmental impact, and maximum energy efficiency. Even our Warmcel insulation is made of recycled materials!

Our latest projects…


We’re now finalizing the first stage of our large 440 m2 family home in Gloucestershire.

This is set in an elevated position overlooking the surrounding arable countryside, and consists of two two-storey wings joined with a single story section creating a sheltered  outdoor patio area in the middle. The photos below show you how the build is taking shape. As soon as we’ve finished the main framework, our MVHR team will be in to start on the first fix of the duct work to manage the air filtration system, while our build team move on to our next project…


An exciting new barn conversion.

This commission is for a 450m2 family home to be built around the trusses of an existing timber barn – a perquisite of the planning authorities. These original features will provide the building with an attractive characterful aesthetic, although building the new timber structure around them will create challenges for our team.
However, the Touchwood Homes build system is ideal for this kind of scenario. As our frameworks are  ‘non-panalised’, we can manually work around these features on site, without trying to maneuver large pre-made panel sections around by crane which would be near impossible to design around the existing trusses.  

If you’ve been thinking about a barn conversion project, we’d love to hear from you. Our team have gained a great deal of knowledge and experience over the years and its lovely to be able to include projects with historical local interest to our portfolio.


Our design and engineering team are busy working on the plans and details for several new projects to follow on through the Summerand in to Autumn that will take us to Gweek in Cornwall, Winchester and back to Essex. 

 Its a very exciting time for the Touchwood Homes team!

If you’re ready to start your dream home journey, a home that is not only beautiful, comfortable and serene to live in but also and be future proof  and planet friendly, why not get in touch now?