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Touchwood Homes design premium quality zero carbon timber frame homes for the self builder. We have successfully taken many projects through passivhaus certification, even reaching  passivhaus + standard!
Certified Passivhaus
in Bromley

This passivhaus certified build has been designed visually to be in character with neighbourhood street scene, as is often a locally authority planning requirement in residential areas, however internally, this home is very different - its super energy-efficient structure means that environmentally it really stands out above the others.

Higher Pytte

This stunning Touchwood Homes new-build home in Devon provides incredibly efficient living, with near zero running costs. Mr Pilcher who commissioned us to design, supply and erect the timber frame for his dream home has been very impressed by its performance.

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Certified Passivhaus +
Weyhill, Hampshire

The Touchwood Home team are immensely proud that the Weyhill project in Hampshire was of the first homes in the UK that have achieved formal Passivhaus + certification in April 2017

Passivhaus certified
Chiefs Farm

Chief's Farm in Essex is a new build passivhaus certified home built on land where a derelict property had previously stood vacant for many years. Touchwood Homes was contracted to design and install our thermal-bridge free strip foundation system to create a high performing foundation with minimal loss of heat to ground.

Featured on
Grand Designs

Touchwood Homes designed, supplied and erected this complex glulam frame for the Roundhouse, from an initial conceptual design from the client’s architect. Being of such as unusual design the home was featured on the channel 4 series Grand Designs, first shown on 17th September 2014.

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In the early 1990s we realised the construction industry, like all aspects of modern industry, would have to undergo major changes in order to combat climate change, and that we could accomplish this by looking at means of energy conservation and reducing carbon emissions. Our first project to integrate the principles of Passivhaus into the design and build of a new home was in 1996 – and we’ve never looked back!

Touchwood Homes is committed to the design, engineering and construction of premium quality air tight, super insulated “zero carbon” passivhaus timber frame homes for the self-builder, or of course, our dedicated and hugely experienced ground team can build them for you.

 Every step of our build process is designed to ensure our new build homes perform to optimum energy efficiency and mininimise the impact that carbon emissions have on our planet, and once built, they are consistently out performing our expectations with most owners saying that they have near zero running costs for heating and water provision.  Our team have successfully taken many projects through the passivhaus certification process and now even reaching the new passivhaus + standard.

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What our clients have to say....

  • I was new to the concept of Passivhaus houses but after much research I decided that it made sense or our new home to be built to this high standard of energy efficiency. We chose Touchwood homes, who  explained to us that their robust rigid external air-tight layer system, unlike  traditional sticky tape membrane systems, would not only guarantee a passivhaus degree of air-tightness but would also, for the slight increase in initial costing, save me a fortune on the cost of follow-on trades who would have otherwise have to work around flimsy internal membranes. As a result I have seen for myself how quickly and efficiently the plumbers and electricians have been able to complete their work and how much time and money this has saved me already!


    Hennerwood Passivhaus
  • We have been astonished by the performance of the house…with cellulose fibre insulation Installed to test densities of 70 and above. Our son who is a commercial building energy assessor used his thermal imaging camera to check the installation and was unable to find even the smallest area which was not filled over the entire house.


    Higher Pytte Cottage, Devon
  • I am glad that they [Grand Designs] covered your timber frame so well, such a beautiful example of what can be done with wood – I am so pleased that we chose you for the job and I am more than happy to recommend your services.


    "Roundhouse", Milton Keynes
  • We have now been living in our house for 5 months and it is a revelation – why are all houses not built to this standard?! What’s most surprising is the ‘stillness’ of the house, no drafts, exceptionally quiet and clean controlled air distribution, makes for a very relaxing place to be. Passivehaus is the future of building and the Touchwood team did an excellent job with our beautiful new home


    Weyhill, Hampshire
Spring 2020 sees us finishing off our Twyford project, a split level self build project near Winchester with fantastic views across the valley from the large glazed kitchen area. We’re currently installing membranes on the house after Green Building Store installed their super efficient windows. Once done, we’ll then install our Zehnder MVHR system into the frame to complete our works on the project