Clients most frequently approach us when they have obtained planning permission on their plot of land, and we then use the submitted plans as a starting point for the design of the house, or we can assist with the planning application from the very beginning.

To begin the process, we will have a meeting with the client to discuss building plans and discuss the various options available to them in order that the home will suit their needs to perfection - and with the flexibility of our build system, there are many options! Once the initial ideas are in place, our structural designer will work on creating a 3D CAD model of the house, which we can then export into Google sketch-up format, allowing the client to see their home as it will be, on their own computer so that they can offer ideas for further improvements and changes. 

Build process diagram


This method allows the client to view the design in 3D at home and see exactly how the design will work allowing them the advantage of being able to see where modifications might improve the design still further. With the Touchwood system, such modifications are very easy to implement at this stage. Typically, there will be a few alterations and tweaks as new ideas come up.

timber cad2

When the client is happy with the visual representation of their home, the process is signed off and the structure of the house will go to production, taking around 2-3 weeks to complete. The entire frame will then be delivered to your building plot ready for quick on-site erection.

Having the whole frame in one delivery minimises transport costs, eliminates the need to hire a crane (often not possible on small sites) and provides a perfect fit build – just some of the advantages we have found our system has over factory panelised frame built houses.

Our team will then be on site to receive the delivery, and begin putting the structure up – a process that will take around 4-5 weeks. This process includes applying our racking board to entire external surface (including roof) to form a strong, air-tight structure ready for your local tradesman to begin their contracts

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Knights Hill

This bold design has substantial glazing to take full advantage of the open views.

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