• Fox Barn
  • Glen Cottage
    Glen Cottage

    Glen Cottage is a very low energy family home built using our passivframe construction technique with render cladding.

  • Naedan Lodge
    Naedan Lodge

    Naedan lodge is a very low energy air tight house in Suffolk.

  • Porters

    Porters is an ultra low energy home built for a retired couple who wish to live in a home which has minimal carbon emissions and running costs. 

  • Dyffryn

    The client’s benefit from their own adjacent woodland, providing logs for heating and hot water provision. So practically no running costs for fuel.

  • Sustainable Living
    Sustainable Living
  • Scandinavian Foundation System
    Scandinavian Foundation System

    Building efficiency from the ground up. The system ensures the entire concrete mass of the slab is within the thermal envelope, providing a huge thermal mass.

  • Timber Framework
    Timber Framework

    All timber elements are factory pre-cut by computer controlled milling machine ensuring perfect fit joints and quick on site erection – without the need for a crane.

  • Designed for Living
    Designed for Living
  • Bespoke Design

    As a design progresses, results are exported to Google Sketchup format allowing 3D viewing in your own home.

  • Solar gain is a key feature in our Design Process
    Solar gain is a key feature in our Design Process
  • Portland Place
    Portland Place

    If planning dictates a brick façade to the timber frame that is no problem, any appearance is possible

  • Fuel Economy
    Fuel Economy

    A 3-4 hour burn on this small stove is sufficient for all heating and hot water demand in mid-winter for this 290m2 home (over 24hrs)

  • Knight's Hill
    Knight's Hill

    with our precut method, more unusual shaped homes are not a problem. The single storey section features a 12m x 5m open to the rafters room with an angled ridge.

  • Quick and Easy Build Process
    Quick and Easy Build Process

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